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          Marriage License                         Letter from Henry Jensen
Betty Crichton & Merton Jensen       to his great-nephew Jack Jensen

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Articles concerning Carri Greenfield's role in "Anything Goes" in March 1981

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     Vernon Jacobson Letter to Merton Jensen - 1936                      Martin Jacobson

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     Janet Hurd Memorial Pamphlet        Note from Becky 
                                                            to Betty Jensen

                  Death Certificates
Wm. E. Kingdon      Marne Annette Kingdon

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     Letter to Deb Morrow from Sugie Hurd Messer

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        Hooks Brothers Article            


Letter from Martin Feltheim, written at age 92

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 J. Merton Kuhr Flyer 

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Esther Amelia Jensen       Soren Jensen and
Edwin Gilbertson             Anne Sine Petersen
Marriage Certificate         Marriage Certificate

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    Peter Svendgaard's
Naturalization Certificate

Letter from Esther Jensen to Mildred Kingdon Miller wishing her a happy Birthday

Below is the documentation for John From's Land Grant:



 Marriage Certificate         Marriage Certificate     Marriage Certificate
 Chester R. Sutton &       John William Sutton &   Kirby R. Parker &
Emma Christine Jensen     Agnes Adaline West         Mary Jensen