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William Seaman Crichton &
       Ethel Jane Adair

Last Will and Testament of William S. Crichton (first 2 pages) and supporting documents (19 pages):
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  Lynn and Goldie Crichton License            Article on John "Choppy" Rhodes

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Robert "Bud" Miller Crichton &     Robert "Bud" Miller Crichton     William Sellers Crichton & Gladys Pearl Pugh     Frank Bartos & May C. Crichton
          Sarah "Sadie" Scott                        Death Certificate                              Marriage Certificate                                    Marriage Certificate
          Marriage Certificate

     Willys J. Allison &           Helen Crichton Sanders
Lutitia Margaret Crichton          Death Certificate
     Marriage Certificate

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                                                    Janet Crichton Will and Codicils

William Crichton Hepburn

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Jonas Seaman's Estate Settlement, Jonathan Seaman, Administrator  (Back to Jonas Seaman Page)

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David Waltemeyer's Estate Administration documents  (Back to David Waltemyer Page)

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Estate Inventory of Philip Waltermeyer  (Back to David Waltemyer Page)


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Will and Estate Settlement of Ludwig Waldemeyer  (Back to Ludwig Waltemyer Page)

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Will of Nathaniel Hunter  (Back to Nathaniel Hunter Page)

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Marriage Record - Nathaniel Hunter and Mary (Polly) Ward  (Back to Nathaniel Hunter Page)     

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Will of Hester Ann Hunter  (Back to Nathaniel Hunter Page)   

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Will of Samuel Hunter  (Back to Nathaniel Hunter Page)   

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Marriage of Alexander St. C. Hunter and Sarah Hunter  (Back to Nathaniel Hunter Page)   

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Will of Alexander St. Clair Hunter  (Back to Nathaniel Hunter Page)   

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Will of John Hunter  (Back to Nathaniel Hunter Page)

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Guardianship of William Enoch for Hester Ann Enoch  (Back to Nathaniel Hunter Page) 

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Will of Cornelius Adair  (Back to Cornelius Adair Page)

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Accounts of Estate of Cornelius Adair  (Back to Cornelius Adair Page)

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Will of Benjamin Adair  (Back to Cornelius Adair Page)

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