Let's get started.  First, I'll explain how the files and my ancestors are numbered (YOUR numbers wouldn't be the same if you started with yourself and numbered them)  


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Numbering my ancestors:

Deborah Jensen Morrow - 1
        Merton Jensen - 2  (Deborah's father)
        Betty Jane Crichton Jensen - 3  (Deborah's mother)

        Henry Chris Jensen - 4  (Deborah's paternal grandfather)
        Esther Maria Nicolina Jacobson Jensen - 5  (Deborah's paternal grandmother)

        William Seaman Crichton - 6  (Deborah's maternal grandfather)
        Ethel Jane Adair Crichton - 7  (Deborah's maternal grandmother)

Each generation number doubles.  For example, my paternal great-grandfather and great-grandmother are 8-9 (Henry's parents) and 10-11 (Esther's parents).  My maternal great-grandfather and great-grandmother are 12-13 (William's parents) and 14-15 (Ethel's parents)

Children are designated with decimal numbers/letters.  For example, Merton's 3 children (besides Deborah) are:
    Judith - 2.1
    Jane - 2.2
    Valerie - 2.3

    Judith's children are:  2.1a, 2.1b, etc.


The Ancestor Pages: 

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    Jacobson, Ola and his children
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    Jensen/Jacboson Ancestor List (before Soren and Ola)
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Crichton-Adair Ancestors:

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Adair, Cornelius m. Elizabeth Davis (112/113) (Parents of William Adair(56))
Adair, George Washington m. Elizabeth Ellen Smith (28/29) (Parents of William Walter Adair(14))
Adair, William m. Mary Ralston (56/57) (Parents of George Washington Adair(28))
Adair, William Walter m. Martha Jane Burke (14/15) (Parents of Ethel Jane Adair Crichton(7))
Burke, William C. m. Eliza (Elizabeth?) Eastwood (30/31) (Parents of Martha Jane Burke(15))
Crichton, John m. Euphamia Turnbull (192/193) (Parents of John Crichton (96))
Crichton, John m. Marjory Smith (96/97) (Parents of John Crichton (48))
Crichton, John m. Helen Paterson (48/49) (Parents of William H. Crichton(24))
Crichton, William H. m. Janet Millar (24/25) (Parents of William Millar Crichton(12))
Crichton, William Millar m. Anna Jane Seaman (12/13) (Parents of William Seaman Crichton(6))
Crichton, William Seaman m. Ethel Jane Adair (6/7) (Parents of Betty Jane Crichton Jensen(3))
Cunningham, Robert m. Martha Kilpatrick (454/455) (Parents of Martha Cunningham Davis(227))
Davis, Walter m. Martha Cunningham (226/227) (Parents of Elizabeth Davis Adair(113))
Denton, The Reverend Richard m. Helen Windebank (1668/1669) (Parents of Samuel Denton(834))
Denton, Samuel m. Mary Smith (834/835) (Parents of Mary Elizabeth Denton Seaman(417))
Hunter, Nathaniel m. Hester Anna Porter (110/111) (Parents of Jane Hunter Miller(55))
Highfield (Hyfield), Jonathan m. Mary Ann Greaves (218/219) (Parents of Mary Highfield (109))
Miller, David m. Rachel Blackwood (216/217) (Parents of Rev. Robert Miller(108)) (Rachel m2. William Smith)
Miller, Rev. Robert m. Mary Highfield (108/109) (Parents of Thomas Miller(54)) m2. Elizabeth Hanson
Miller, Robert m. Elizabeth ? (432/433) (Parents of David Miller(216))
Miller, Thomas m. Jane Hunter (54/55) (Parents of Mary Ann Miller Seaman(27))
Paterson, William m. Betty Henderson (98/99) (Parents of Helen Paterson Crichton (49))
Ralston, Andrew m. Sophia Dorothea Waltemyer (114/115) (Parents of Mary Ralston Adair(57))
Ralston, John m. Anne Young (228/229) (Parents of Andrew Ralston(114))
Ralston, James m. Elizabeth Allan (456/457) (Parents of John Ralston (228))
Seaman, John m1. Elizabeth Strickland (1664/1665) (Parents of Jonathan Seaman (832)) m2. Martha Moore
Seaman, John m. ? (3328/3329) (Parents of John Seaman (1664))
Seaman, Jonah m. Jane (Jean?) D. Moss (208/209) (Parents of Jonathan Seaman (104))
Seaman, Jonas m. Catherine Sheets (52/53) (Parents of Jonathan Seaman (26))
Seaman, Jonathan m2. Mary Ann Miller (26/27) (Parents of Anna Jane Seaman Crichton(13))  m1. Sarah Parker Smith
Seaman, Jonathan m1. Mary Elizabeth Baldwin (104/105) (Parents of Jonas Seaman(52)) m2. unknown
Seaman, Jonathan m. Mary Elizabeth Denton (416/417) (Parents of Jonah Seaman(208))
Seaman, Jonathan m. Jane ? (832/833) (Parents of Jonathan Seaman (416))
Sheets, Phillip m. ? (106/107) (Possible parent of Catherine Sheets(53))
Smith, John Huffman m. Susannah Walters (58/59) (Parents of Elizabeth Ellen Smith Adair(27))
Waltemyer, David m. Eve Elizabeth Daugherty (230/231) (Parents of Sophia Dorothea Waltemyer Ralston (115))
Waltemeyer, Ludwig (Lewis) m3x:  ?, Sophia Dorothea Juliana Naglin, Anna Margareta ? (460/461) (Parents of David Waltemyer(230))

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Jensen, Soren m. Anna Sine Petersen  (8/9)                                                              
    Jensen, Albert Alvin (8.11) m1. Marie Voss  m.2 Minnie E. Lubker                     
    Jensen, Andrew George (8.7) m1. Anna Wulf  m2. Minnie E. Lubker                        
    Jensen, Anna B. (8.1) m.  Jens Black Jensen                                                     
    Jensen, Edward Arthur (8.8) m. Amy Charlotte Anderson                                   
    Jensen, Emma Marie (8.2) m. Peter Andrew Svendgaard                                                                              
    Jensen, Esther Amelia (8.10) m. Edwin Gilbertson                                                                                          
    Jensen, Henry Chris m. Esther Maria Nicolina Jacobson (4/5)                                                                        
Jensen, James Harold (8.3) m1. Hannah Mary Hansen  m2. Sophie Toft 
    Jensen, James Peter (8.4) m1. Emma Marguerite Miller  m2. Ora Odessa Carter
    Jensen, Mary M. (8.6) m1. John C. Reeh  m2. Charles Siekkortter  m3. Adolph Voss  m4. Ingwar Peteresen
    Jensen, Merton  m. Betty Jane Crichton (2/3)
    Jensen, Myrtle Mina (8.13)m. Henry Voss 
    Jensen, Nels Martin (8.5) m. Anna Truhlsen 
    Jensen, Sorena Dosena (8.12) m. George Henry Kuhr 

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Jacobson, Ola m. Mary O. Mortensen (10/11)
    Jacobson, Alvina Josephine (10.1) m. Carl Raymond Hitchcock                           
    Jacobson, Alice Mildred (10.8) m. William E. Ziegler                                           
    Jacobson, Annie Irene (10.7) m. Tracy McCardell                                                
    Jacobson, Bertha Johanna (10.6) m1. John S. Hooks  m2. Martin Feltheim          
    Jacobson, Cora Nelsena (10.5) m. Herbert Orvin Hurd
    Jacobson, Esther Maria Nicolina m. Henry Chris Jensen (4/5)
Jacobson, Marne Annette (Nettie) (10.4) m. William Edward Kingdon
    Jacobson, Martin Bernhard (10.3) m. Martha W. Peteresen

Jensen Ancestors:

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Jacobson, Jens m. Boal Anderson (Andersdotter) (20/21) (Parents of Ola Jacobson)
Jacobsson, Pehr m. Olu Trounsdotter (80/81) (Parents of Jacob Pehrsson)
Jonsson, Anders m. Bengta Andersdotter (42/43) (Paraents of Boal Anderson)
Johnsson, Trouns m. Fione Jonsdotter? (162/163) (Parents of Olu Trounsdotter)
Mortensen, Nels m. Maren Eranson? (22/23) (Parents of Mary O. Mortensen)
Nilsson, Bengt m. Boel Larsdotter (82/83) (Parnets of Anna Bengtsdotter)
Olson, Morton m. Ingve Pregve? (44/45) (Parents of Nels Mortensen)
Pedersen, Jens m. Engle Maria Paulsen (Paulsdotter) (16/17) (Parents of Soren Jensen)
Pehrsson, Jacob m. Anna Bengtsdotter (40/41) (Parents of Jens Jacobson)
Pehrsson, Jacob m. Sissa Andersdotter (160/161) (Parents of Pehr Jacobsson)
Petersen, Jens m. Ane ? (18/19) (Parents of Anne Sine Petersen)

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