Andrew and Sophia Dorothea (WALTEMYER) RALSTON

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g114raladalepix.jpg (70275 bytes)    g114ralaralstonfamily.jpg (58641 bytes)    g114ralaralstonstone.jpg (129537 bytes)      
Dale takes pix       Andrew & Family    Plaque on boulder

g114ralabethelgraveyard.jpg (402363 bytes)    g114ralaralstonjohn1881.jpg (415913 bytes)    g114ralaralstonmary.jpg (182907 bytes)    
Bethel Graveyard       John Ralston          Mary Ralston      

          g114raladoddscedgarhelenn.jpg (433369 bytes)                          g114raladoddsinfant.jpg (520515 bytes)
Charles Edgar & Helen Dodds       Infant Son of Edgar & Helen

g114ralaralstoncatharine.jpg (331555 bytes)   g114ralaralstonsidney.jpg (410013 bytes)    g114ralaralstonfrances.jpg (373267 bytes)    g114ralaralstonfrances2.jpg (328000 bytes)    
Catherine Ralston  Sydney J. Ralston     Frances Ralston, daughter of G.W.

                    g114ralaralstongeowIICatharine.jpg (692283 bytes)                           
George W. & Catherine M. (?) Ralston II

                      Smithville Union Church                                                  Ralph Jackson and Ikena Marie (Miller) Grady

        Lawrence "Larry" Grady

Benjamin F. Fahnestock   Ida Fahnestock    James M. Fahnestock   Augusta M. Fahnestock  Lee Everette Fahnestock

Thomas J. Sweeney

g114ralaralstonjohnw.jpg (392423 bytes)    
John W. Ralston       Dora B. Ralston


     g114ralaralstonfranceshesser.jpg (343551 bytes)              g114ralaralstonandrew1873.jpg (225048 bytes)                       g114ralaralstonfrancesann.jpg (330439 bytes)
Frances Hesser Ralston        Andrew Ralston Jr.        Frances Ann, Wife of Andrew Ralston
So.  We have two tombstones, apparently for the same wife.  It's possible, since we found
no tombstone for his second wife, Eleanor Paxton, that one of the tombstones is actually for
Eleanor.  This is a puzzlement.

                        g114raladoddschassydney.jpg (306924 bytes)
Charles Wm. & Sydney Ona (Ralston) Dodds

           g114ralaralstonhenrymary.jpg (434220 bytes)
Henry M. and Mary V. Ralston

 g114ralamastinwmt.jpg (251167 bytes)    g114ralamastinalvinr.jpg (237492 bytes)      g114ralaralstonlewisw.jpg (191677 bytes)      g114ralaralstoneleanor.jpg (275331 bytes)
William T. Mastin  Alvin Russell Mastin    Lewis W. Ralston      Eleanor Ralston

   g114ralaralstonwalterinfant.jpg (243188 bytes)      g114ralaralstonjohnn.jpg (294387 bytes)     g114ralaralstonelizj.jpg (301021 bytes)       g114ralaralstonjohnnelizj.jpg (187785 bytes)
      Walter S. and         John N. Ralston    Elizabeth J. Ralston   Elizabeth J & John N
Infant daughter Ralston                                                                       Ralston

 g114ralaralstonlewisbmariav2.jpg (304855 bytes)     g114ralaralstonlewisbmariav1.jpg (275394 bytes)
Lewis B. & Maria V. (Sanders) Ralston

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