Ola and Mary O. (Mortensen) Jacobson

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  Jacobson_Headstone.jpg (11798 bytes)   Ola_Jacobson.jpg (8664 bytes)   Mary_Jacobson.jpg (8411 bytes)   Martin_Jacobson.jpg (9344 bytes)   Martha_Jacobson.jpg (8847 bytes)  
 Jacobson Headstone         Ola Jacobson             Mary Jacobson         Martin Jacobson         Martha Jacobson

Vernon_Jacobson.jpg (8672 bytes)                  
  Vernon Jacobson                Carl & Josephine Hitchcock                    Earl Wilson "Bud" Hitchcock

              Garland B. & Mary Reckart                    Charles A. & Dorothy L. Reckart           Garland, Mary, Charles, Dorothy Reckart

              Ray and Maxine Hitchcock

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      Cora Hurd                  Herbert Hurd            Harold/Janet Hurd     Stewart Tombstone           J. Harold Stewart                Merle Stewart                 Earl/Peg Hurd

   Bertha_Feltheim.jpg (13539 bytes)      John_Hooks.jpg (14574 bytes)              
Bertha Hooks Feltheim John Sutherland  Hooks    Sutherland Tombstone           John Sutherland              Eliza Sutherland

     Hooks Plot                Eva Sutherland Hooks     Robert A. Hooks

Alice_Ziegler.jpg (17567 bytes)     Bill_Ziegler.jpg (15742 bytes)
       Alice Ziegler                   Bill Ziegler            

g10jacozieglerstone.jpg (99993 bytes)    g10jacozieglerjulius.jpg (166728 bytes)   g10jacozieglermargaret.jpg (170929 bytes)
               Rose Hill Cemetery - Julius & Margaret Ziegler

Annie_McCardell.JPG (8309 bytes)          10jacobelgradecemetery.jpg (214682 bytes)     AhlersOnnograve.jpg (163557 bytes)         AhlersOnDorBradgrave.jpg (45406 bytes)                
 Annie McCardell                 Belgrade Cemetery             Onno Ahlers            Onno/Dorothy/Brad Ahlers    

   W. E. Kingdon              Marne Annette Kingdon      William E. Kingdon Jr. & Thelma Lou Kingdon

Riverside Nat'l Cemetery      Jack Lee Kingdon         Mildred M. Miller        Ted William Miller

Ralph & Alyce Smothers         Saundra Shaw

        Charles-Esther_Kingdon.jpg (89274 bytes)               Wm_J_Kingdon.jpg (74749 bytes)          Wm_J_Kingdon_closeup.jpg (71363 bytes)
Charles and Esther (Gugin) Kingdon  William J. Kingdon      William J. Kingdon (closeup)
(Note:  From dates, William is likely Charles E.'s father)

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