The Family of Soren and Anna Sine (PETERSEN) JENSEN
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8__Soren JENSEN
     b.  3 Aug 1842, Uldum, Vejle, Denmark     See Maps
     child of:  Jens & Engel Maria (PAULSEN) PEDERSEN
     d.  22 Jun 1917, Blair, Washington County, NE
     Buried:  Blair Cemetery, Blair, Washington County, NE (63/1/12)  Go to Tombstones

     m.  27 Aug 1866, Omaha, Douglas County, NE  (Go to Original Documents)

 9__Anna Sine PETERSEN
     b.  12 Jan 1848, Aalborg, Denmark     See Maps
     child of:  Jens & Ane (?) PETERSEN
     d.  3 Dec 1931, Blair, Washington County, NE
     Buried:  Blair Cemetery, Blair, Washington County, NE  (63/1/11)  Go to Tombstones

Other Marriages:  None

8.1  Anna B. JENSEN                 b.  11 Apr 1867     d.  30 Nov 1945
8.2  Emma Marie JENSEN          b.  21 Dec 1868     d.  23 Dec 1944
8.3  James H. JENSEN                b.  4 Oct 1870        d.  15 Aug 1945
8.4  James Peter JENSEN            b.  21 Mar 1872     d.  14 Jan 1938
8.5  Nels Martin JENSEN            b.  7 Feb 1875        d.  14 Nov 1967
8.6  Mary M. JENSEN                b.  19 Jan 1877       d.  23 Dec 1949
8.7  Andrew George JENSEN     b.  2 Mar 1879        d.  12 Apr 1948
8.8  Edward Arthur JENSEN       b.  18 Dec 1880     d.  20 May 1959
8.9  Henry Chris JENSEN            b.  25 Dec 1882     d.  27 Sep 1975 (see #4/5)
8.10  Esther Amelia JENSEN       b.  4 Jan 1885        d.  21 Oct 1964
8.11  Albert Alvin JENSEN          b.  2 Jan 1887        d.  24 Jun 1967
8.12  Sorena Dosena JENSEN     b.  27 Oct 1890     d.  15 Feb 1943
8.13  Myrtle Mina JENSEN          b.  15 Jul 1892      d.  25 Jul 1974

Caption under picture reads:  
                   Blair had an adult band in 1918.  And the predominant name was JENSEN with four of 
               the five JENSENs being brothers.
                   Pictured above is a picture of that early day band.  Some of the names are missing.
                   Front row, left to right:  Stanley PIERCE, George HEDLUND, Jay DILL, Lloyd WARRICK, Ed
               A. JENSEN, George McQARRIE, Leland ______ and Johm (sic) MOORE.
                   Back row, left to right:  Albert A. JENSEN, Nels M. JENSEN, Henry C. JENSEN, Biff
               ARNDT, Mark BEATTY, _______________, Harlan JENSEN and ______________.


·         Soren JENSEN emigrated to the United States in 1864 at the age of 22.  The first winter, he worked in NYC for $8.00/month.  He went to the Sullivan farm in IL and, in 1865, moved to Omaha, NE where he was employed by the Union Pacific Railroad.  He boarded at the Empire House where he met Anne Sine PETERSEN, who worked there.

·         Anna Sine  PETERSEN emigrated from Denmark in the early 1860’s with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jens PETERSEN when Anne was just 14, as part of a Mormon colonization expedition.  They traveled by covered wagon to St. Joseph, MO, then by steamboat to Omaha, NE.   Before her marriage, Sine was employed by the well-known Davis family, pioneer bankers of Omaha, as a nursemaid for the Davis children, Mrs. H.  KOUNTZE and her brother, Fred  DAVIS.

·         After they were married, Soren and Sine lived in Omaha until after Anna, their first child, was born.  In 1867, they decided to take a homestead and, with their covered wagons, their belongings and the family cow, came to Lincoln Twp. in Washington County, NE.  They took up their claim where they lived for 35 years.  During this period, 10 of the children were born:  Emma, Jens (James Harold), Jens (James Peter), Nels, Mary, Andrew, Esther, Edward, Henry and Albert.

·         Sine’s parents lived with them until their deaths in 1885 and 1887. 

·         On Sine’s birthday, 12 Jan 1888, the Great Blizzard of ’88 struck.  The morning was crisp and clear.  The older children went to March School, about 2 miles southeast of the homestead.  The older boys in the families went to school only in the winter when there was no farm work to be done.  A Miss ERWIN was the teacher.  Around noon, the temperature started dropping.  The wind came up and snow started to fall.  The teacher would not allow any of the children to leave as the storm became worse and worse.  When it was evident that the parents could not come for their children, the teacher had the older pupils help dress the younger ones in all the clothes they had.  She asked Jens  JENSEN, her oldest pupil at eighteen years of age, to lead them, each holding another child’s hand.  Jens held onto the barbed-wire fence, in the lead, and the teacher at the end of the line.  The group moved single file, leaving the school blindly, guided only by the barbed-wire fence.  Approximately two hours later, they reached the Erwin place, three quarters of a mile northwest of the school.  All were safe.  Mr. and Mrs. Erwin cared for them until their own parents could manage to come for them late the following afternoon.  When the storm finally abated that next day, Soren set out on horseback to search for his children.  After an unsuccessful visit to the schoolhouse, he went to the  ERWIN’s, hoping they might have some information.  There he found all the children safe and sound.  Jens JENSEN was ever after known as March School’s Blizzard Hero.  Peter, Nels, Mary and Andrew were also among the pupils who were well taken care of by the ERWINs.

·         In 1901, Soren and Sine moved to Blair where Sorena and Myrtle were born.  They attended the Blair schools.

·         A reprint of the Blair Pilot, 5 Jan 1888:  “Soren  JENSEN has just purchased another 120 acres of land.  This he told the PILOT, now gave him eleven 80-acre farms, one for each of his children.  When Soren settled out here, he had few neighbors, and those he had regarded him as a green Scandinavian.  But he has since bought them all out and now owns the land that was theirs when he went there.  It took pluck and hard knocks to do it but he settled there with determination to succeed.”

Source:  The Family of Soren and Anne Sine (PETERSEN) JENSEN 1842-1974







Soren JENSEN, supervisor from a precinct on the county board.  Source:  BUSS, Rev. Wm. H.; History of Dodge & Washington Cos., NE; The American Historical Society, Chicago 1923, p. 328.


  • Article.  Blair Newspaper.  Date Unknown.  JENSEN Realty Co. Dissolves.  Large Landholding Body Divides Property Among 10 Remaining Members.  FORMED IN YEAR 1913.  The JENSEN Realty Company, formed in 1913 by the late Soren JENSEN and his thirteen sons and daughters, is to be dissolved this week, it has been announced, the holdings of the concern to be divided among the remaining members of the corporation.  Amassing a huge fortune in land, most of which was in Washington county, Soren JENSEN conceived the idea of forming a holding company in which his sons and daughters might participate in order to facilitate easier handling of his extensive holdings.  At that time the Realty Company was formed, Mr. JENSEN's holdings in Washington county totaled 1,820 acres with an additional 1,000 acres in other counties.  Out-of-the-county land holdings included 400 acres in Rock county, 320 acres in Burt county, 160 acres in Oklahoma and several other smaller tracts.  Following the formation of the JENSEN Realty Company the sons and daughters were sold tracts for their own use.  The farms of Henry C. JENSEN, Ed. A. JENSEN, Albert A. JENSEN, Henry VOSS, Ed GILBERTSON and the former George KUHR farm, all located north of Blair were part of the original Soren JENSEN holdings.  Purchase of the land by members of the company and occasional sale has reduced the company holding to 500 acres, all in Washington county.  In Lincoln township the concern holds a 220 acre farm 2 1/2 miles south of Orum.  Norman WARRICK has farmed the place for several years.  The farm will be disposed of in 40 acre blocks to six sons and daughters, James JENSEN, of California, Anna Black JENSEN, of Blair, Mrs. Emma SVENDGAARD, of Blair, the J.P. JENSEN estate, of Blair, Mrs. Mary SIEKOTTER VOSS, of California, and Mrs. George KUHR, Jr., of Blair.  A tract known as the WILCOX farm located west of Blair in the east part of the Summers school district will go to four holders.  Nels JENSEN of Omaha will receive the east 80 acres of the farm.  Henry JENSEN will receive a center 80 acres which is one-half mile east of the Summers school.  Ed A. JENSEN will receive the 80 acres adjoining the road and the school and running north to the Rose Hill road.  Esther GILBERTSON receives 40 acres one-fourth mile east of the school.  Mrs. Myrtle VOSS (Henry VOSS) will become the owner of the Soren JENSEN property on West Nebraska street.  A monetary exchange evened up the difference in the values of the land and property.  Andrew JENSEN and Albert A. JENSEN had sold out their interest to other members of the family a number of years ago.  The farm south of Orum will probably be rented and thus handled as before, it is announced.  The WILCOX land, received by Ed and Henry JENSEN and the 40-acre tract by Mrs. Ed GILBERTSON will be added to the holding which the new owners already have and will be farmed by themselves.  Nels JENSEN will rent out his 80 acres, it is announced.

               House Soren built when he and Anna moved to Blair.


              Soren Jensen's original farmstead across the valley from his grandson's (Howard Jensen) farm.



  • 1930 U.S. Census:  Washington County, NE, Blair City, Blair Twp, W. Park W NE Streets,
    House #410, Enumeration District 89-4, Supervisor Dist 3, Sheet 29A, Enumerated on 26 Apr 1930 by Paulina E Sutherland, Dwelling 660/Family 670
         Anna JENSEN, Head, Home Owned, Value 4000, Radio Set? Yes  Read/Write?  Yes
                              F   W   82   Widow   b.  Den   Father:  Den   Mother:  Den  
                              Language:  Danish   State: 07  Country:  07  Nativity:  V
                              Year of Immigration:  1862  Naturalized?  Y  Speak English?  Y

  • 1910 U.S. Census:  Washington County, NE, Blair City, Ward 4, Dwelling/Family 57:
    JENSEN, Soren head M W 67 M/44yrs b. Denmark Father/Mother b. Denmark Able to read/write Nat Lang: Eng Own/Free/House/Own Income Immig 1864/Na
             Anna C. wife F  W  62 M/44yrs b.  NE           Father/Mother b. Denmark  Able to read/write Nat Lang: Eng  13ch/13 living                      Immig 1862
          Myrtle M. dau  F  W  17 Single     b.  NE   Father b. Denmark  Mother b. NE  Able to read/write Nat Lang: Eng

  • 1900 U.S. Census:  Washington County, NE, Blair City, NE Street, Dwelling/Family 57
         Soren JENSEN, Head, b. 8/1843, age 56, m. 33 yrs   b.  Den   Father b. Den   Mother b. Den   
              Immigrated 1864     Farmer  Read?  No   Write?   No  Speak English?   No
         Anne S JENSEN, Wife, b. 1/1848, age 52, b. Den   Father b. Den   Mother b. Den  
              Immigrated 1862     Read?  No   Write?  No   Speak English?  No
         Anne JENSEN (Sorena Dosena)   b.  10/1890, Age 9   b.  NE   At School   Read? Yes   
              Write?  Yes     Speak English?  Yes
         Myrtle JENSEN   b.  7/1892, age 7   b.  NE

  • 1885 Census:  Washington County, NE, Lincoln Precinct 6
    Soren JENSEN, 42    b.  Denmark
    Anna, 37                     b.  Denmark
    Anna, 18                     b.  Nebraska
    Emma, 16                    b.  Nebraska
    James, 14                    b.  Nebraska
    Peter, 12                     b.  Nebraska   
    Nels, 10                      b.  Nebraska
    Mary, 8                       b.  Nebraska 
    Andrew, 6                   b.  Nebraska
    Edward, 4                   b.  Nebraska
    Henry, 2                      b.  Nebraska
    Amelia, 4/12                b.  Nebraska
    Peter FERGERSON, 35, Laborer   b.  Denmark

  • 1880 Census:  Washington County, NE, Lincoln Precinct
    Family History Library Film #1254757, NA Film #T9-0757, Page #256D
    Soren,   37,  Self     Farmer                 b.  Denmark     Parents b. Denmark
    Anne S, 32,  Wife   Keeping House     b.  Denmark     Parents b. Denmark
    Anne,    13,   Dau    At Home              b.  NE             Parents b. Denmark   
    Emma,   11    Dau    At Home             b.  NE              Parents b. Denmark
    James,     9    Son                                b.  NE              Parents b. Denmark
    Peter,      7    Son                                b.  NE              Parents b. Denmark
    Nils,        5    Son                                b.  NE              Parents b. Denmark
    Mary,      3    Dau                                b.  NE              Parents b. Denmark
    Andrew,  1    Son                                b.  NE              Parents b. Denmark
    Lars HANSEN, Single, 21, Laborer    b.  Denmark     Parents b. Denmark           
    Anders HANSEN, Single, 19, Laborer  b.  Denmark   Parents b. Denmark
    Christian PEDERSON, Single, 23, Laborer  b.  Denmark     Parents b. Denmark
    Willhelm OCK, Married, 25, Laborer  b.  Denmark     Parents b. Denmark
    Hans HANSEN, Single, 14, Laborer   b.  Denmark     Parents b. Denmark
    Jens JENSEN, Single, 14, Laborer      b.  Denmark     Parents b. Denmark

  • 1870 U.S. Census, Lincoln Pct, Washington Co, NE, 23 Jun 1870, Dwelling 29, Family 27:
    JENSEN, Soren   age 27   Farmer   Value: Real Estate 1500   Value: Personal Property 1300
                Anna    age 21   Keeping House
                Anna    age   3
                Emma   age   1



1842                Born 3 Aug, Vejle, Denmark (See Maps)
1864-65          Worked New York City that winter
1865                Worked on Sullivan farm in IL (probably that summer)
1865                Moved to Omaha, NE and worked for Union Pacific Railroad
1866                Married Anna Sine PETERSEN 27 Aug; resided in Omaha
1866                NW corner of Washington County, NE, section 33, twp. 20, range 9 east, hamlet
                        of Admah
1867                Homesteaded land in Lincoln Twp., Washington County, NE
1901                Moved to Blair, NE
1917                Died 23 Jun in Blair, NE


1848                Born 12 Jan in Aalborg, Denmark  (See Maps)
1860                Emigrated to America with parents, early part of the year
1860                Arrived St. Joseph, MO in fall and went to Omaha, NE
1865                Employed in Empire House (hotel) in Omaha



Blair Enterprise, 3 Jul 1947:  349 Now in JENSEN Family.  The annual Soren JENSEN family picnic was held at the Blair Swimming Pool park last Sunday.  Following the dinner at noon the afternoon was spent at visiting and cake and ice cream were served later in the day.  There were 125 relatives present, the majority of them living in Washington county.  At the picnic, Mrs. Howard JENSEN took it upon herself to make a complete record of every living member of this large family, and it was found taht they numbered 349 and are scattered from the Atlantic to the Pacific coast.  Of the original thirteen children of the late Mr. and Mrs. Soren JENSEN, eight are still living.  They are Mrs. Mary VOSS of Millard, Mrs. Esther GILBERTSON and Mrs. Myrtle VOSS both of Blair, Andrew of Portland, Oregon, Albert of Papillion, Nels, Ed and Henry of Blair.  It was found that of the direct descendants there are 60 grandchildren, 133 great grandchildren and 34 great great grandchildren.  Then by including the "in-laws" the total number is 349.  Descendants of the late Mr. and Mrs. Peter SVENDGAARD were revealed to have the greatest percentage of the group with a total of 109 members.  These annual gatherings always prove to be very enjoyable and are looked forward to each year.

NW corner Washington County, section 33, twp. 20, range 9 east, hamlet of Admah; twp. organized 1866.  Soren JENSEN one of the early settlers.  Source:  BUSS, Rev. Wm. H.; History of Dodge and Washington Cos., NE; The American Historical Society, Chicago 1923, p. 455

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