The Family of Jonas & Catherine (SHEETS) SEAMAN

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52__Jonas SEAMAN
     b.  16 Apr 1770, Darkesville (Bunker Hill), Berkeley Co, VA (WV)
     child of:  Jonathan & Mary (BALDWIN) SEAMAN
     d.  4 Apr 1836, Wilmington, Clinton Co, OH

     m.  18 Apr 1798, Berkeley Co, (W)VA  [West Virginia Marriage Indexes - Jonas Simmons/Catherine Sheets]

53__Catherine SHEETS
     b.  15 Sep 1777, Frederick Co, VA
     child of:  Philip and Elizabeth (SMITH) SHEETS
     d.  23 Apr 1834, Wilmington, Clinton Co, OH

Other Marriages:

52.1  Jonathan SEAMAN     b.  22 Jan 1799, VA     d.  13 Jan 1868, Greenville, Bond Co, IL (See #26/27)
52.2  Philip SEAMAN     b.  30 Jun 1800, VA     d.  1833 (1827?)
         m.  29 Apr 1823 (license #352), Clinton Co, OH, Elizabeth WHITSON     b.  10 Sep 1798     d.  Feb 1873
               child of:  John (1771-1845) & Margaret (1768-1824) (MOORE) WHITSON
         Children:  George W. SEAMAN     b.  12 Aug 1823, OH     d.  Mt. Victory, Hardin Co, OH
                         m.  3 Feb 1861     Ann A. JONES     b.  c1840, OH
                         Children:  Deborah SEAMAN     b.  30 Nov 1861     d.  7 Dec 1861
                                         Emma J. SEAMAN     b.  18 Nov 1862     d.  3 Oct 1864
                                         Mary Frances SEAMAN     b.  23 Aug 1864, OH
                                         Thomas F. SEAMAN     b.  16 Mar 1866, OH
                                         George W. SEAMAN     b.  19 Feb 1868, OH
                                         Ruth SEAMAN     b.  5 Jan 1870, OH
                                         Jennie SEAMAN     b.  17 Aug 1872, OH
                                         Sarah L. SEAMAN     b.  6 Jan 1875     d.  22 Jan 1875
Edwin SEAMAN     b.  10 Sep 1824     d.  29 Oct 1893
                         m.  Cyntha CHURCHFIELD
                         Francis SEAMAN     b.  15 Dec 1827     d.  23 Aug 1803, Elkhart, Elkhart Co, IN
                         m.  1849    Harriet GRIBBLE    d.  21 Dec 1895    
                         Children:  Henry H. SEAMAN    15 Sep 1851
                                         Coleman O. SEAMAN    6 Sep 1854
                                         m.  Adda HOPKINS
                                         Catherine SEAMAN     d.  23 Sep 1857, OH    
                                         m.  Charles BUNTEN    b.  Dec 1851, NH
                                         Children:  Adelma BUNTEN     b.  Jan 1877, IN
                                         Ida SEAMAN     b.  19 May 1860
                                         R. Edwin SEAMAN     b.  26 Aug 1866     d.  22 Dec 1888                  
52.3  George Washington SEAMAN     b.  14 Jun 1802, VA     d.  19 Oct 1893, Logan Co, OH
52.4  Lewis Sheets SEAMAN     b.  6 Oct 1805, VA     d.  18 Dec 1822, Logan Co, OH
52.5  Susannah Elizabeth SEAMAN     b.  8 Dec 1809, Clinton Co, OH     d.  14 Feb 1836/7, Chester, Clinton Co, OH
         m.  28 Feb 1833 (license #1223), Clinton Co, OH by A.T. Sewell, JP
               James W. DAKIN Jr.     b.  25 Mar 1811, Clinton Co, OH     d.  29 Jul 1876, Chester Twp, Clinton Co, OH
         Children:  Catherine Lavina DAKIN    b.  19 Apr 1834, Chester Twp, Clinton Co, OH     d.  27 May 1899
                           Priscilla Mary DAKIN     b.  25 Aug 1835, Chester Twp, Clinton Co, OH
52.6  Mary Ann SEAMAN     b.  30 Aug 1812     d.  Infant
52.7  Jonah SEAMAN     b.  25 Mar 1814, OH     d.  WI
         m.  6 Dec 1834 (license #1459), Clinton Co, OH by Elisha Knox, PG
               Emaline HARTMAN
m.  Eliza (may be Emaline Eliza or Eliza Emaline - 1850 Census shows him m. Eliza, b. 1815 in Richland Co, WI)
         m2/3.  24 May 1855 Elizabeth "Betsey" M. McKINNEY
         Children (with Emaline/Eliza):
         Children:  Edward SEAMAN     b. 1837
                         Elizabeth SEAMAN     b.  1839
                         Letitia SEAMAN     b.  1842
                         Mary Elizabeth SEAMAN     b.  1847, WI
                         William SEAMAN     b.  1850
52.8  Joseph SEAMAN     b.  21 Apr 1816     d. 27 Mar 1837, Logan Co, OH  
         Never married
52.9  Morgan Miles SEAMAN     b.  1 Nov 1820     d.  17 Mar 1839


Source:  SEAMANS in America; Dale and Deborah MORROW







Brown, Albert J., editor, History of Clinton Co, Ohio, B.F. Bowen & Co.; Indianapolis, 1915.  p. 122, Company F, 88th Regulars, Organized Camp Chase, Ohio, June 1862, Jonah SEAMAN and George SEAMAN; Company B or Battalion Governor's Guard, Organized Camp Chase, Ohio, 24 Sep 1862, J.H. SEAMAN.

History of Clinton Co, Ohio, 1882, p. 720:  Greene Twp. 88th Ohio Volunteer Infantry:  George, Jonah and Reese SEAMAN.


[See also Original Documents]  Court of Common Pleas in Clinton Co, OH:  Jonas SEAMAN, Deceased.  The State of Ohio, Clinton Co, SS.  Be it remembered that at a court of common Pleas begun and holden at Wilmington within and for the Co of Clinton aforesaid on the second Monday of November in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and thirty seven before Benjamin HINKSON, President and Jesse HUGHES, Morris K. CHEW and Abraham H? his associates Judges of the same court here at Wilmington.  Jonathan SEAMAN, Administrator of estate of Jonas SEAMAN deceased filing in the said Court here an account current of his Administration and the under is supplied thereof which said account current is continued until the second Monday of March next.  On which day to wit the second Monday of March aforesaid before the Judges aforesaid here at Wilmington comes the said Administrator and settled his accounts with the Court which said account as submitted to the Court is contained in the words and figures following to wit:  May the 4th 1836.  Jonathan SEAMAN Administrator of the Estate of Jonas SEAMAN deceased:
     To amount why settle of debts                                           $164.84
     The amount of sale ?                                                           741.06
     Cash ? of Henry BALL for pasturage                                     5.00
     Cash for 2 fences for?                                                           17.00
     Cash ? of ?? for house ship and ? next pasturage                    23.00
     Cash ? Thos. JONES for pasturage                                       12.00
     Cash ? of Sam HARTMAN for pasturage                              4.00
     Amt Ed BRADBERRY note found pined to act                     3.78
     Amt of James ? & Wm. HALES note for fruit                         3.00
     By cash and ? James HULM ????                                          9.95
The following is a list of bad debts that cannot be settled by Adm. 
     Oct 5, 1835 William STANTON due to Jonas SEAMAN on act.      5.00
     Sept Sam MORGAN due to Jonas SEAMAN on settlement           21.00
     Sept 1821 Sam MORGAN due to Jonas SEAMAN on act            12.00
     1827 John CRYLER(?) due to Jonas SEAMAN on act                    2.50
     Philip SEAMAN due to ditto ditto on act                                         10.121/2
     Wm. HEBLINE(?) due to ditto ditto on note                                     1.11
     Apr 15, 1832 Stephen BOSWORTH note for                                   5.25
March Term 1838
The following is a statement of debts and accounts that appear to have been paid and settled in lifetime of deceased.
     Net against BAKER & HERSEY for ~ ~ ~ ~ ~                           $18.27
     Act against Samuel SMITH for ~ ~ ~ ~                                            9.93
     Act against Turner WELCH for ~ ~ ~                                             23.38
     N1.  By amount of ? act no. Mary KENEDAY                                32.37
     "  2.  By amt paid as per printer Receipt for advertising                       2.25
     "  3.  Bebee TRUSDELL Esqr. Receipt for Admins oath to apprs       .25
     "  4.  Amt paid James DAKIN for boarding hands while taking care
     "  5.  of the stock of the estate ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~                                        2.87
     "  6.  Judges fees paid as ~ ~ ~  ~ ~                                                  6.50 
     "  6.  Clerk fees paid ~ ~ ~ ~ ~           (Note numbering error)           1.73
     "  7.  Amt paid Jas McBEY as per proven act                                   1.37 1/2
     "  8.  Amt pd Joe WOODRUFF for crying sale as per act                 2.00
     "  9.  Amt pd G. BRUCE as per proven act ~ ~ ~                             2.87 1/2
     "10.  Amt pd Jeremiah HADLEY as per proven act ~ ~                    1.68
     "11.  Amt pd Nathan LINTON as per ditto~ ~                                 1.12 1/2
     "12.  Amt pd James DAKIN for hauling tombstone                           3.00
     "13.  Amt pd James HARTMAN as per proven act~ ~                    3.52
     "14.  Amt pd Daniel HINMAN as per proven act                             5.44 1/2
     "15.  Amt pd JW & J L HACKNEY  as per proven act                    2.28
     "16.  Amt pd John HENDRICK as per proven act                           7.53
     "17.  Amt pd J.B. BEALS as per proven act                                     2.62 1/2
     "18.  Amt pd Mahlon STRATTON as per proven act                       7.37 1/2
     "19.  Amt pd Hegmies MOON as per act                                         6.00
     "20.  Amt pd Lamb H. HALE as per proven act                              16.60
     "21.  Amt pd George CARTER as per proven act                           24.00
     "22.  Amt pd Thos HITTON as per proven act                                 6.42
     "23.  Amt pd Edward BRADBERRY per proven act                     30.15
     "24.  Amt pd Matthias BAKER as per proven act                           56.05
     "25.  Amt pd John HOLLIDAY as per voucher                                8.27 1/2
     "26.  Amt pd James NEDERY proven act                                        7.12 1/2
     "27.  Amt pd Turner WELCH proven act                                        27.68 1/4
     "28.  Amt pd of Dana STRATTON proven act                               14.92
     "29.  Amt pd Thomas WHINERY for stone to close graves            33.12 1/2
     "30.  Amt pd Levi THEPHORA for building wall round grave         63.00
     "31.  By amt pd G. FOOS ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~                                             5.00
     "32.  Clerk Receipt paid                                                                    3.27
     "33.  paid printers fees                                                                       1.00
     "34.  Daniel BURMELL paid for grave stones                                25.00
     "35.  Amt paid appraisers as per Receipt                                            2.00
                                          Amount as per vouchers                          $414.65
                                          Amount in hands of Adm                           983.63
                                          Take from amount of voucher                    416.60
An thereupon the said Administrator settled his accounts with the Court and balance is found in his hand due said estate of five hundred and nine dollars ninety seven centz which is ordered to be distributed according to law.  Ordered by the Court that said account current and this settlement be recorded.

[Editor's Note:  The sum of the numbered column (N1-N35) is off by $1.23.  All I can say is that the account handwriting is nearly illegible and 4's and 6's look nearly identical.  Sigh.]


1810 Berkeley Co (W)VA Census lists:
p. 526, Jonah Seaman  Males Under 10     3 (Philip, George, Lewis)
                                                   16-26     1 (probably Jonathan - should have been 10-16)
                                                   26-45     1 (Jonah/Jonas)
                                      Females 16-26     1 (probably Catherine - should have been 26-45)
                                                                  Susannah, b. 1809 not counted




History of Clinton Co, p. 796:  The first emigrant to the present limits of Washington Twp., as far as the writer hereof has been able to find out from the meager information to be obtained at this day and date, was Isaac WILSON, perhaps the first settler, who came from Virginia, who settled in Colonel CAIRINGTON's Survey about the year 1803, on the land now owned by George BROWN.  Next came Jonas SEAMAN and a Mr. ARMSTRONG, both settling upon the present site of Cuba, the latter opening the first house for the entertainment of the public in the year 1805.

History of Clinton Co, p. 804:  The first village laid out in the township, and perhaps the second in the Co, was Cuba, then called Paris, laid out in the year 1813, by Jonas SEAMAN and James ARCHEY.  The original as well as present number of lots was 100.  The present population is about one hundred and fifty.  It is the voting-place of the township.  The first hotel was kept by one Mr. ARMSTRONG, who opened a house of entertainment here in 1806, [footnoted as also given as 1805] at that time known as the Cross Roads, being the point where the trace or trail from the south crossed the College Township road.  This road was located and opened a few years prior by an act of the Legislature of 1802-3, authorizing the laying-out of various State roads, among which was the College Township road, leading from Chillicothe, by way of Morgantown, to the College Township, now in Butler Co.  This road soon became quite a thoroughfare, and the emigrant's wagon was constantly in sight; hence the necessity for houses of entertainment.  Mr. ARMSTRONG entertained the traveling public for a few years and retired.  He was succeeded by Jonas SEAMAN, who remained in the hotel until near the close of the war of 1812.  Mr. SEAMAN was succeeded by J.J. LACY, who occupied the premises for a short time, and he gave way to Matthew CALLAWAY, who acted as inn-keeper for many years, and was succeeded by Col. J. Ward JONES.  This was about the year 1826.  Since then, the inn-keepers of Cuba have been numerous and varied, until within the last twenty years, when, the opening of the various lines of railways causing the travel to give way to the more rapid transit by rail, the travel by usual routs has been so reduced that inn-keeping in the Co villages has been abandoned, and this is the condition of Cuba at this time.  Cuba has one large general merchandise store, one drug and grocery store, blacksmith and wagon shop, one grist and saw mill.

History of Champaign Co, OH, Middleton, pp. 332ff (in the Biography of Nathaniel C. Hunter):  ...on January 20, 1883, Nathaniel C Hunter married, secondly, Mrs. Anna Eliza (SEAMAN) ENOCH, widow of Henry ENOCH, of West Liberty, who died 1858.  Since the death of her husband, Mrs. HUNTER has continued to make her home in Urbana, where she is very comfortably situated.  She reared two nieces, Cora and Lavinia SEMAN, who continue to make their home with her.  Mrs. HUNTER was born at Xenia, this state, September 2, 1832, a daugher of Lewis and Lavinia (SMITH) SEAMAN, the former of whom was born in Frederick Co, Virginia, in 1805, son of Jonas and Catherine (SHEETS) SEAMAN, natives of that same Co, who came to Ohio with their family in 1810 and located at Chillicothe, a year later moving to Clinton Co, where they spent the remainder of their lives, Jonas SEAMAN dying there in 1836.  Jonas SEAMAN and wife were the parents of eight children, Jonathan, Philip, George, Lewis, Jonah, Eliza, Joseph and Miles.  Lewis SEAMAN became a blacksmith and left Clinton Co to locate at Xenia, where he remained engaged in that vocation until 1836, when he bought a farm in Logan Co, established his home there and spent the remainder of his life.  He was an active worker in the Mt. Tabor Methodist Episcopal church and helped build two churches.  he and his wife, Lavinia SMITH, were the parents of six children, those besides Mrs. HUNTER being as follow:  Josiah, who died at the age of four years; William, who for some time farmed in Illinois, but later returned to the old home place in Logan Co, where he died, leaving a widow, Frances BEBEE, and one child, a daughter, Josephine; Elisha, a veteran of the Civil War, who served as a member of Company A, Sixty-sixth Regiment, Ohio Volunteer Infantry, formerly and for years a farmer and now living at Columbus, this state, who had been twice married, his first wife, Nettie VOTAW, a native of Indiana, having died on February 7, 1881, leaving three daughters, Nettie, Cora and Lavinia, after which he married Nellie FISHER, also of Indiana, and by that union has three children, Anna, Bertha, and Lewis; Maria Louise, who married James STANTON and is now deceased, and Martha, who married William WINDER and died in 1894 at Urbana, this Co, leaving one daughter Florence.


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52.3__George Washington SEAMAN    
     b.  14 Jun 1802, VA    
     child of:  Jonas & Catherine (SHEETS) SEAMAN
     d.  19 Oct 1893, Logan Co, OH

     m1.  23 Aug 1825, Xenia, Greene Co, OH, by James Trowler, VDM 

52.3s__Nancy TRADER    
     b.  1807, Xenia, Greene Co, OH
     child of:  Moses Jr. & Elizabeth (McDANIEL) TRADER
     d.  1830

Other Marriages:
George m2. Nov 1832:    
Harriet K. WILLIAMS    
     b.  1808, OH    
     child of:  John & Jane (WALL) WILLIAMS
d.  1892

Children (with Nancy):
52.3a  James G. SEAMAN     b.  1826, Greene Co, OH
           m.  31 Oct 1847, Clark Co, OH  
                 Cornelia D. SMITH     b.  c1824     d.  6 Nov 1855
child of:  John & Catherine (?) SMITH
           Children:  Charles E. SEAMAN
                           m1.  22 May 1871 Frances JENKINS  b. 1852, Dublin, Wayne Co, IN   d. 22 Apr 1878
m2.  21 Apr 1879, Abigail JANNEY
                                   child of:  Phineas & Catherine (KEYS) JANNEY
                           James Franklin SEAMAN     b.  13 Jan 1851, Clark Co, OH  d.  1 Dec 1885
m.  9 Jan 1880, Alice JANNEY  
                                 b. 1856, Logan Co, OH  d. 1916, Greene Co, OH
child of:  Phineas & Catherine (KEYS) JANNEY
                                 Alice m2.  1893  Howard APPLEGATE
52.3b  Catharine Elizabeth SEAMAN     b.  Feb 1828
           m.  5 Oct 1848, Clark Co, OH  Abraham R. LUDLOW
Children (with Harriet):
52.3c  William H. SEAMAN     b.  1835, OH     d.  9 Apr 1914, Logan Co, OH     m.  Hannah MILLNER
52.3d  George SEAMAN     b.  13 Aug 1839     d.  1864 (during Civil War), Logan Co, OH
52.3e  Orpha A. SEAMAN     b.  22 May 1842, OH     m.  Dr. YOUTSEY
52.3f  John W. SEAMAN     b.  11 Sep 1845, OH     d.  9 Jan 1907
52.3g  Nancy Ann SEAMAN     b.  15 Mar 1847     m.  George KROUSCKOFF
52.3h  Harriet K. SEAMAN     b.  16 Jun 1851, OH     m.  John HARBOUGH

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52.3f__John W. SEAMAN    
     b.  11 Sep 1845, OH    
     child of:  George Washington & Harriet K. (WILLIAMS) SEAMAN
     d.  9 Jan 1907

     m.  25 Nov 1878    

52.3fs__Allie S. SHALLINBERGER    
     b.  10 Jun 1852, PA
     child of:

Other Marriages:

52.3f1  Raymond SEAMAN     2 Aug 1879, CO     d.  24 Oct 1882
52.3f2  J. Roland SEAMAN     b.  8 Mar 1884, CO     d.  15 Mar 1967, Denver, Denver Co, CO
            m.  Henrietta K. SIMMONS     b.  8 Aug 1885, CO     d.  Aug 1971, Denver, Denver Co, CO
                  child of:  Frederick C. (1854-?) & Emily (1861-?) (CLIFF) SIMMONS
            Children:  Wayne R. SEAMAN     b.  c1921
                            Roma Lorraine SEAMAN     b.  27 Jul 1910, Loveland, Larimer Co, CO     d.  19 May 1985, Richland, Benton Co, WA
                            Buried:  Sunset Memorial Park, Richland, Benton Co, WA  (Plot:  Mausoleum)
                            m.  Homer Bandy SARGENT     b.  6 Jul 1910, Whitewater, Mesa Co, CO     d.  11 Jun 1993, Sequim, Clallam Co, WA
                                  Buried:  Sunset Memorial Park, Richland, Benton Co, WA  (Plot:  Mausoleum)
                                  child of:  Christopher G. (1872-1930) & Mary Lea (1870-1957) (BANDY) SARGENT
                            Children:  3 daughters, 1 sons (private)
                                            H. Alan SARGENT     b.  11 Nov 1937, Denver, Adams Co, CO     d.  19 Apr 2006, Vancouver, Clark Co, WA
                                            Buried:  Unknown
                                            m.  (private)
                                            Children:  3 daughters (private)
                                            Darelle SARGENT     b.  1940   d.  1998   Buried:  Willamette National Cemetery, Portland, Multnomah Co, OR   Go to Tombstones
m. ? ?
                                            Children:  Brenda SARGENT
                                                            Nancy SARGENT
                                                            Laura SARGENT
                                            Judith Lee SARGENT     b.  17 Apr 1941, Denver, Adams Co, CO     d.  27 Nov 2006, Green Valley, Pima Co, AZ
                                            m.  (private)
52.3f3  Harold Hudson SEAMAN     b.  21 Dec 1885, CO
52.3f4  Herman W. SEAMAN     b.  31 Oct 1892, CO
52.3f5  Genevieve Marie SEAMAN     b.  21 Jun 1895, CO

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52.4__Lewis Sheets SEAMAN    
     b.  6 Oct 1805, Frederick Co, VA    
     child of:  Jonas & Catherine (SHEETS) SEAMAN
     d.  18 Dec 1882, Logan Co, OH
     Buried:  Mt. Tabor Cemetery, Champaign Co, OH     Go to Tombstones

     m.  4 May 1830, Clinton Co, OH by Amos T. Sewell

52.4s__Lavina SMITH
     b. 29 Sep 1804
     child of:
     d.  30 Jan 1880, Champaign Co, OH
     Buried: Mt. Tabor Cemetery, Champaign Co, OH     Go to Tombstones

Other Marriages:

52.4a  Anna Eliza SEAMAN     b.  2 Sep 1832, Xenia, Greene Co, OH     d.  1918
           Buried:  Mt. Tabor Cemetery, Champaign Co, OH  [Tombstone reads:  Eliza SEAMAN     Go to Tombstones
                        HUNTER 1832-1918]
           m1.  15 Oct 1857     Henry ENOCH of West Liberty, Logan Co, OH     d.  1858
           m2.  20 Jan 1883 Nathaniel C. HUNTER    b.  1 Nov 1825   d.  18 Feb 1908
                   (see #110.5a in #110/111
           m3.  ? HUSTON (she was married to a HUSTON when her sister, Martha, died in 1894 (see will in synopsis) .
52.4b  Josiah SEAMAN     b.  16 Mar 1834     d.  1838, age 4
52.4c  Lewis William SEAMAN  b.  16 Dec 1836     d.  7 Feb 1881     Go to Tombstones
           (farmed in IL and returned to home place Logan Co., OH, died there
           m.  Frances BEBEE
           In Mt. Tabor Cemetery, near L.W. is "Frank" B. SEAMAN     b.  9 Sep 1844     d.  30 Apr 1937  This may be Frances. Go to Tombstones
           Children:  Josephine SEAMAN
                          Nettie SEAMAN     b.  18 Apr 1877     d.  10 Sep 1881   Buried:  Mt. Tabor Cemetery, d/o L.W. and F.B. SEAMAN
52.4d  Elisha B. SEAMAN     b. 11 Sep 1838     d.  1919    
52.4e  Maria Louise SEAMAN     b.  1 Aug 1840, OH     d.  19 Apr 1898
           m.  James STANTON
54.4f  Martha SEAMAN     b.  3 Jul 1842     d.  18 Apr 1894


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52.4d__Elisha B. SEAMAN     
     b. 1838     
     child of:  Lewis Sheets & Lavinia (SMITH) SEAMAN
d.  1919    
Buried:  Mt. Tabor Cemetery, Champaign Co, OH   Go to Tombstones


52.4ds__Nettie VOTAW of IN     
     b.  23 Sep 1844
     child of:
     d.  5 Feb 1881

Other Marriages:
Elisha m2. Nellie FISHER of IN
Elisha m3.  M.A.

Children (with Nettie):
52.4d1  Nettie SEAMAN     b.  Apr 1877     d.  10 Sep 1881     Go to Tombstones
52.4d2  Cora SEAMAN  (1900 Census:  See Nathaniel C.HUNTER 110.5c)
52.4d3  Lavina SEAMAN  (1900 Census:  See Nathaniel C.HUNTER 110.5c)
Children (with Nellie)           
52.4d4  Anna SEAMAN
52.4d5  Bertha SEAMAN
52.4d6  Lewis SEAMAN
52.4d7  Martha SEAMAN     b.  3 Jul 1842     d.  18 Apr 1894
Children (with M.A.):
52.4d8  Waldo SEAMAN    d.  14 Feb 1860    Buried  Lansing Cemetery, 6th Street, Greenville, Bond Co, IL


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52.4d7 __Martha SEAMAN     
     b.  3 Jul 1842
     child of:  Elisha B. & Nellie (FISHER) SEAMAN
     d.  18 Apr 1894, Urbana Twp., Champaign Co, OH
Buried:  Oakdale Cemetery, Urbana, Champaign Co, OH  Go to Tombstones

     m.  1 Jan 1868

52.4fs__William H. WINDER 
b.  24 Jan 1837, Clark Co, OH
     child of:  Thomas & Hannah (WILDMAN) WINDER
     d.  (not carved on tombstone)
     Buried:  Oakdale Cemetery, Urbana, Champaign Co, OH  Go to Tombstones

Other Marriages:

52.4f1  Florence L. WINDER


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