The Family of Nels and Maren (?) MORTENSEN

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     b.  2 May 1829, Rygle, Sverige, Skaarly Sogn, Sweden
     child of:  Morton and Ingve (Pregve?) (?) OLSEN
     d.  19 Aug 1893, Orum, Washington County, NE
     Buried:  Immanuel Lutheran Church Cemetery, Orum, Washington County, NE  
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     m.  1860, Rygle, Sverige, Skaarly Sogn, Sweden

     b.  22 Nov 1829, Rygle, Sverige, Skaarly Sogn, Sweden
     child of:
     d.  26 Feb 1889, Orum, Washington County, NE
     Buried:  Immanuel Lutheran Church Cemetery, Orum, Washington 
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Other Marriages:  
Nels married 21 Feb 1890, Blair, Washington County, NE Clara LARSEN, age 55, b. Sweden, child of:  Lars and Anna (?) PETERSEN 

22.1  Johanna MORTENSEN     b.  1 May 1860     d.  2 Nov 1895
22.2  Mary MORTENSEN     b.  16 Sep 1866, NE      d.  8 Nov 1946  (see #10/11)     


Source:  Tombstone inscriptions collected by Dale and Deborah Morrow, Dec 2003; Information collected by Carole J.G. and Ted W. Miller, Jr.; Blair, NE Will Records.

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Graves:  Nels, Maren and Jorgen are buried in the Immanuel Lutheran Cemetery, 1.5 miles off Route 91 west of Blair, Washington County, NE and about .5 miles from the Orum Store (all that is left of the town of Orum).  Information for all three individuals is carved on the same obelisk.





Nils MORTENSEN, Theodore HALLER, Executor.  Petitioner:  Alice JACOBSON, daughter of Mary O. JACOBSON.  para. 3.  Decedent's will omitted:  to the effect: dau. Johanna OLSEN received remainder of estate.  Mary JACOBSON without Ola to use and occupy during her natural life the property (described) Northeast Quarter of the Northeast Quarter and the fourth Half of the Northeast Quarter of Section 22, township 18, range 10, Washington County, NE.

Mary O. JACOBSON left the following children:
1.  Josephine     b.  12 Jun 1884  m.  Carl R. HITCHCOCK
2.  Esther     b.  22 Feb 1886 m. Henry C. JENSEN
3.  Martin     b.  11 Feb 1888
4.  Nettie     b.  14 Jun 1890, sometimes known as Marne Annette, m. William E. KINGDON
5.  Cora     b.  15 Mar 1892 m.  Herbert O. HURD
6.  Hannah     b.  23 Jul 1894, sometimes known as Bertha J. (Johanna) HOOKS, widow
7.  Alice     b.  2 Jan 1906, single
8.  Annie     b.  16 Oct 1897, died prior to her mother without isue.

Nels MARTENSGAN, Nels MORTENSSEN, Nils MORTENSEN, Neils MORTENSEN, Nels MORTENSEN - were one in the same and refer to the decedent.

Alvina Josephine HITCHOCK, Josephine HITCHCOCK, Josephine JACOBSON
Nettie JACOBSON, Marne Annette KINGDON
Bertha J. HOOKS, Johanna JACOBSON

Court - property to be divided equal shares

Petition 12 Dec 1893 by Johanna (without Soren) OLSEN that Nils MORTENSEN was poisoned along with wife who died, and one Nels LARSEN and others.  Accordingly, Nels was unsound when will was made - that Mary and Ola JACOBSON took advantage of the situation.

Decree and Discharge, Probate Court to Heirs of Nils MORTENSEN filed 13 Aug 1898, Book 32, Page 305.  State of Nebraska, Washington County.  At a session of the County Court held at the Count Court room in Blair in said county, on the 27 day of March A.D. 1894.  Present Edward C. JACKSON County Judge.  In the matter of the Estate of Nils MORTENSEN Deceased.  I Edward C. JACKSON County Judge in and for said County do hereby certify that on the 15th day of February A.D. 1894, the instruments purporting to be the last will and Testament of Nils MORTENSEN deceased were filed for Probate in this court.  One dated January 16, 1890.  And one dated March 28, 1893.  That on the 27 day of March A.D. 1894 said instruments to which this is attached were each one duly proved, probated and allowed together as the last will and Testament of the said Nils MORTENSEN deceased, and the same were ordered to be recorded in the records of the court aforesaid as the last will of Deceased as set out by Decree of this date entry Book 6 page 254.  In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and the seal of the said County Court this 27 day of March A.D. 1894.  (Seal)  Edward C. JACKSON County Judge.

Last Will and Testament of Nils MORTENSEN.
Know all men by these presents.  That I Nils MORTENSEN of the County of Washington and the State of Nebraska being a single man and now unmarried, Knowing the uncertainties of life and being of sound mind and memory and in view of the shortness of this life and the end thereof  do make, publich [sic] and declare the following to be my last will and testament.  First, I direct that out of my property personal and real as the case may be all my lawful and valid debts shall be paid including my funeral expenses and the expenses of my last sickness fully and completely.  2nd. I hereby give and bequeath unto my daughter Johanna OLSEN formerly Johanna MORTENSEN and wife of Soren OLSEN the sum of Five Hundred dollars ($500.00) to be paid in cash upon the settlement of my Estate.  3rd. After the payment of all my said debts and the payment of the legacy hereby bequeathed to my said daughter Johanna OLSEN, and the payment of the expenses of Administration.  I hereby give and bequeath all the remainder of my said estate, real personal and mixed and property of whatsoever Kind and nature and wheresoever situated to my said Daughter Mary JACOBSEN, formerly Mary MORTENSEN and now wife of Ola JACOBSON to be used and occupied during her natural life and the user rents and income of the same be used and enjoyed fully by her during her life and at her decease the property hereby bequeathed to her and all the income resulting therefrom not yet expended and used shall descend in equal shares to her living children at the date of her decease and by right of representation to the children of any deceased son or daughter if living of my said daughter Mary JACOBSON.  4th.  As to the appointing and naming of Executors of this my last will and testament, I do not name any be leave the same for the sound Judgment and discretion of the County Court of the County where I shall reside up to the time of my decease.  Given under my hand in the City of Blair, Washington County, Nebraska, this 16th day of January 1890.  Nils MORTENSEN
We the undersigned witnesses sign our names to the above and foregoing will as Witnesses thereof and we further certify that the said Nils MORTENSEN declared in our presence that the above and foregoing instrument was his last will and testament and we herby witness the same at his request.  Given under our hands the date last above written.  F. H. MATTIESEN  W.C. WALTON

Will.  Lincoln Township Washington County, NE, March the 28th 1893.  I, Nils MORTENSEN of Washington County, State of Nebraska hereby make this my last will and testament:  First I direct that all my Just debts be paid as soon after my death as may be found convenient.  Second, I will to my wife Clara, born LARSEN, all the real Estate and personal property which belonged to her before I married her, to hold and keep and share with her children as the law requires.  Third, I also will to my wife all my personal property.  Fourth, I hereby appoint August LARSEN to be executor of this will.  Fifth, I am of good sound mind and understanding.  In testimony whereof I hereby set my hand this 28 day of March 1893.  Nils MORTENSEN

The State of Nebraska.  County of Washington.  At a session of the County Court held in the County Court room in Blair in said county on the 15th day of June A.D. 1898.  Present Edward C. JACKSON County Judge.  In the matter of the Estate of Nils MORTENSEN deceased.  This day having been assigned by the order of said court for hearing the petition of Theodore HALLER Administrator praying among other things for the allowance of his final accounting, heretofore filed on the 18th day of May A.D. 1898 in this Court and for a final settlement and discharge from his trust as such Administrator.  It appearing to the court by due proof on file that the order of this court touching the hearing of said Petition made on the 18th day of May last part has been duly served and published as therein directed, whereby all parties interested in the p____ were duly notified of said hearing.  And it further appearing that the said Administrator has incurred the expence [sic] of $7.50 printing said notice since the filing of his final account: and that the sum of $10.60 will be due the County Court for completing the record of this matter that the cash balance on hand a shown by said final report is $416.34.  Due Note Ola JACOBSON of $208.00 and one note of Fred ECHTENKAMPF of $525.00 not yet collected: and that all debts, claims, costs and charges against said estate have been paid in full except as above stated.  Thereupon after careful examination of the said account by the court and after due consideration thereof and of the vouchers filed by the said Administrator in support thereof on motion of the said Theodore HALLER Administrator, no one appearing to object to or contest the same.  It is ordered, adjudged and decreed that the petition of the Administrator for a final settlement be taken as true; that said final report be and the same is hereby approved, allowed, and established and said administrator fully exonerated and acquitted from any and all further troubles concerning any and all matters which have come before the court.  And now this matter came on to be further heard upon the proof of heirship and the court being fully advised in the P____ finds that Nils MORTENSEN departed this life in Washington County Nebraska August 19, 1893 leaving surviving him his widow Clara MORTENSEN, Johanna OLSEN born MORTENSEN, a daughter now deceased and represented by Johanna Caroline OLSEN, her only child and heir at law and now about two years of age; Mary JACOBSEN, born MORTENSEN, a daughter married to Ola JACOBSON and that the heirs at law of the said Mary JACOBSEN now living are as follows - Josephine, a daughter born June 12, 1884 - Esther, a daughter born Feby 22, 1886 - Martin, a son born Feby 11, 1888 - Nettie, a daughter born June 14, 1890  - Cora, a daughter born March 15, 1892 - Hannah, a daughter born July 25, 1894 - Annie, a daughter born Oct 16, 1897.  And the Court further finds that Nils MORTENSEN aforesaid deceased died seized and possessed of the following described real Estate to wit:  the north East 1/4 of the Northeast 1/4 Section 21, the South half of the Northwest 1/4 of section 22.  All in Township Eighteen North Range 10, East 6th __m in the County of Washington, State of Nebraska.  Now, therefore in consideration of the foregoing P____ and the terms and conditions of the last will and testament with codicil attached of the said Nils MORTENSEN heretofore duly proved, allowed and probated in this Court:  It is ordered and adjudged that distribution and assignment of the surplus assets of said estate be made to the heirs herein - after named as follows - To Clara MORTENSEN, the personal property and effects mentioned in the inventory, as retained by her.  A of Ola JACOBSON now in the hands of the Administrator amount of $208.50 and the sum of $353.12 in cash in current funds.  To Johanna Caroline OLSEN minor heir at law of Johanna OLSEN deceased the sum of $500.00 cash in current funds, being the legacy in will set out.  To Mary JACOBSEN, the use and occupation of the lands of which the said Nils MORTENSEN died seized and possessed and herein before described with the rents and profits there from during her natural life and at her death in equal share to her children:  Also the sum of $762.95 cash current funds.  It is ordered that the administrator herein do pay and turn over to the several heirs aforesaid the money or property so assigned taking proper vouchers, therefore and it is further ordered adjudged and decreed that upon his filing vouchers showing payment of the sums so incurred and ordered paid, an order of discharge from his trust as such administrator be issued out of and under the seal of this court to the said Theodore HALLER administrator as aforesaid, directed.  In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and the seal of the said County Court at Blair the 15 day of June A.D. 1898.  Edward C. JACKSON County Judge.

State of Nebraska.  Washington County.  At a session of the County Court held at the County Court room in Blair in said county on the 4 day of August A.D. 1898.  Present Edward C. JACKSON County Judge.  In the matter of the Estate of Nils MORTENSEN Deceased.  Be it remembered that on the 15th day of June A.D. 1898 this cause came on for hearing on petition of Theodore HALLER for final settlement of his account as Administrator of the Estate of Nils MORTENSEN Deceased.  And it satisfactorily appearing to the court that all persons interests in said matter had due notice of the time and place of said hearing and it further appearing to the court upon hearing the evidence and examining the account of said Theodore HALLER filed in this Court on the 18 day of May A.D. 1898 that the said Theodore HALLER had in all things faithfully and Justly performed.  And discharged all and singular the duties and obligations which by law and the order of this Court were enjoined upon him and that he had duly and fully accounted for and administered all of said estate which had come into his possession in pursuance of law.  It is therefore ordered that said Theodore HALLER be discharged, exonerated and acquitted from any and all liabilities and troubles concerning his administration of said estate and his doings and proceedings be forever q____ in so far as all matters and things which have come before this court are concerned and his letters of administration of said estate heretofore granted are hereby revoked and annulled and that a final discharge issue out of this Court directed to the said Theodore HALLER as such Administrator.  Edward C. JACKSON County Judge.


1870 Census:  Washington County, Lincoln Twp Roll, 833 Page 478, line 21
Niels MORTENSEN, 41     Farmer     Real Estate $1500, Personal Property $450, b. Sweden
Mary, 40     Keeping House     b.  Sweden
Johanna, 10     In School     b.  Sweden
Mary, 3     b.  NE
(Family came to America between 1860-1867) 

1880 Census:  Washington County, NE, Lincoln Precinct
Nels, 50     b.  Sweden     Parents b. Sweden
Maren, 50     b.  Sweden     Parents b. Sweden
Mary, 13     b.  Nebraska     Parents b.  Sweden




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22.1__Johanna MORTENSEN     
     b.  1 May 1860, Sweden
     child of:  Nels and Maren (?) MORTENSEN
     d.  2 Nov 1895, Arlington, Washington County, NE
     Buried:  Arlington Cemetery, Arlington, Washington County, NE     Go to Tombstones 

     m.  16 Jul 1877, Blair, Washington County, NE

22.1s__Soren OLESEN
     b.  c1853
     child of: Peter and Anna (?) OLESEN

Other Marriages:    

Children:  Johanna Caroline OLSEN    b.  c1895