The Family of Jonathan and Mary Ann (GREAVES) HIGHFIELD (HYFIELD)
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This appears to be the most likely parentage for Mary HIGHFIELD, wife of Reverend Robert MILLER.  I took the information from a
family tree at and it is fairly well sourced.  I have not yet independently confirmed the information other than back-
checking the sources listed in the family tree - marriage records and local census data that were linked to the tree itself.  I'm going
with this until I am able to finally independently confirm it (this note will then disappear) or disconfirm it (this page will disappear).

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218__Jonathan HIGHFIELD  
     b.  1750, MD
     child of:   
     d.  Jan 1794, Frederick, Frederick Co, MD 

     m.  c1768 (first child b. in 1769)

219__Ann (Mary Ann GREAVES)
     b.  c1750, MD 
     child of: 
     d.  >1794 

Other Marriages:

218.1  Sarah HIGHFIELD    b.  c1769, Frederick Co, MD     d.  c1851, Platte Co, MO
           m1.  5 Apr 1791, Frederick Co, MD    John BELT     b.  1770, Frederick Co, MD    d.  <1821, Mason Co, KY
           m2.  Notley DUVALL    b.  1758, Frederick Co, MD    d.  3 Jan 1842, Platte Co, MO
                   child of:  John Pearce (1737-1803) & Martha (1738-1806) (?) DUVALL
                   m1.  1782    Mollie ?
                   Children:  Elizabeth Betsey DUVALL     b.  27 Oct 1792, VA (no evidence they were ever in VA, so I think this is MD)   d.  16 Jun 1851, Platte Co, MO
                                   m.  15 Mar 1807, KY    John PEPPER Sr.    b.  25 Jun 1783, VA    d. 15 Jun 1850, Marshall, Platte Co, MO
                                   Children:  Notley Duvall PEPPER    b.  10 May 1811, Mason Co, KY   d.  12 Mar 1853, Platte Co, MO
                                                  John Duvall PEPPER    b.  8 Jun 1813, Mason Co, KY   d.  20 Oct 1881, Platte Co, MO
                                                  Sarah Rachel Jane PEPPER    b.  10 Mar 1819, Mason Co, KY   d.  22 Jul 1878, Weston, Platte Co, MO
                                                  m.  18 Jul 1844, Platte Co, MO      James Alexander MILLER    b.  7 Jan 1817, Fleming Co, KY   d.  4 Nov 1871, Weston, Platte Co, MO
                                                        child of:  John Davis (1744-1847) & Eleanor (1779-1865) (HIGHFIELD) MILLER
                                                  Children:  John James MILLER    b.  17 Jan 1849, Platte Co, MO
                                                                 m.  Kate ?
                                                                       m1.  James Alexander MILLER    b.  7 Jan 1817, Fleming Co, KY    d.  4 Nov 1891, Weston, Platte Co, MO
                                                                       [So this would mean John married his father's first wife?  That's just weird.  I'm not believing this tidbit]
                                                                Notley MILLER    b.  May 1850, Platte Co, MO
                                                                Ann F. MILLER    b.  20 May 1852, Platte City, Platte Co, MO    d.  5 Sep 1892, Platte City, Platte Co, MO
                                                                Robert F. MILLER    b.  16 Feb 1853, Platte Co, MO    d.  14 Nov 1892, Platte Co, MO
                                                                George Rufus MILLER    b.  10 Apr 1855, Platte Co, MO   d.  8 Oct 1919, Ray Co, MO
                                                                Andrew MILLER    b.  1861, Platte Co, MO
                                                        m1.  1878    Lucretia PEPPER    b.  1815, Mason Co, KY 
                                                        [This makes no sense either - they have James marrying Kate whoever first and now Lucretia - 7 years after his death and supposedly
                                                        this is his first wife.  I think they've got James all messed up with someone else - several someones actually.  More work for sure here]
                                   Martha Patsey DUVALL     b.  22 May 1798, MD    d.  22 May 1898, Mayslick, Mason Co, KY
                                   Isaac H. DUVALL    b.  1807, MD    d.  Sep 1838, KY
218.2  Mary HIGHFIELD     b.  1770, St. Mary's Co, MD     d.  7 May 1798, Maysville, Mason Co, KY  (see #108/109)
218.3  Millie HIGHFIELD     b.  c1771, Frederick Co, MD
           m.  16 Dec 1787, Middleton (Middletown), Frederick Co, MD     William EVEN     b.  c1765, MD
218.4  Ann HIGHFIELD     b.  c1772, Frederick Co, MD
           m.  4 Feb 1789, Frederick Co, MD    John SMITH    b.  1770, Frederick Co, MD
218.5  Jonathan HIGHFIELD Jr.     b.  1773, Frederick, Frederick Co, MD    d.  4 Apr 1810, Mason Co, KY
           m.  31 Aug 1796, Frederick Co, MD      Catherine METZ    b.  1775, Frederick Co, MD    d.  Mason Co, KY
           Children:  Priscilla HIGHFIELD     b.  1797, Mason Co, KY    d.  18 Feb 1892, Nyesville, Parke Co, IN
                           m.  4 Mar 1813, Mason Co, KY     John THOMAS    b.  c1785, Mason Co, KY    d.  c1845, Washington, Mason Co, KY
                           Children:  Nathaniel J. THOMAS    b.  1822, Mason Co, KY
                                           m.  11 Oct 1848, Rockville, Parke Co, IN     Delilah ADAMS    b.  c1830, IN
                                           Children:  Nancy J. THOMAS     b.  c1849, Parke Co, IN
                                           Samuel T. THOMAS    b. 1820, Mason Co, KY    d.  21 Feb 1879, Nyesville, Parke Co, IN
                                           m.  5 May 1854, Charleston, Cole Co, IL     Hannah Ann LAMB    b.  11 May 1836, IN    d.  28 Jun 1910, E. Needmore, Vermillion Co, IN
                                                 child of:  Strawder (Strother) (1801-1865) & Bathsheba (1806-1875) (APPLEGATE) LAMB
                                           Children:  Azariah THOMAS    b.  29 Sep 1854, Pan Creek, IN [I found no such location]      d.  27 Apr 1944, Catlin, Vermillion Co, IN
                                                           m.  31 Dec 1881, Newport, Vermillion Co, IN     Eva Etta Alice PHIPPS    b.  Mar 1867, Edgar Co, IL
                                                                 d.  1 Jan 1915, Catlin, Vermillion Co, IN
                                                           Children:  Clarence THOMAS    b.  20 Jan 1882, Parke Co, IN   d.  13 Nov 1955, IL
                                                                           Lydia Belle THOMAS    b.  Jan 1885, IN   d.  5 Mar 1942, Vermilion Co, IL
                                                                           Sam THOMAS    b.  Apr 1886, IN
                                                                           George THOMAS    b.  Jul 1890, IN
                                                                           Effie Jane THOMAS    b.  Dec 1891, IN    d.  1962
                                                                           William E. THOMAS    b.  1895, IN
                                                                           Edward THOMAS    b.  c1896, IL
                                                           John Parker THOMAS     b.  26 Mar 1855, Charleston, Coles Co, IL   d.  1 May 1913, Clinton, Vermillion Co, IN
                                                           William S. THOMAS    b.  May 1857, Nyesville, Parke Co, IN     d.  4 Jan 1944, Clinton, Vermillion Co, IN
                                                           William Strunder THOMAS     b.  May 1857, Nyesville, Parke Co, IN    d.   4 Jan 1944, Rockville, Parke Co, IN
                                                           Anna THOMAS    b.  9 Sep 1861, Nyesville, Parke Co, IN     d.  11 Oct 1920, Clinton Twp, Vermillion Co, IN
                                                           m.  18 Aug 1880      John William PHIPPS    b.  c1860, IN
                                                           Andrew Johnson THOMAS     b.  May 1865, Nyesville, Parke Co, IN    d.  7 May 1944, Clinton, Vermillion Co, IN
                                                           Jackson Grant THOMAS     b.  1 Oct 1868, Nyesville, Parke Co, IN    d.  9 Nov 1939, Clinton Twp, Vermillion Co, IN
                                                           Mary Elizabeth THOMAS     b.  c1870, Nyesville, Parke Co, IN     d.  1892-1899, Nyesville, Parke Co, IN
                                                           Charles Joseph THOMAS      b.  24 May 1878, Nyesville, Parke Co, IN    d.  20 Dec 1962, Clinton, Vermillion Co, IN
                                                 m2.  29 Aug 1899, Parke Co, IN    Curtis PEACOCK    b.  Feb 1826, NC
                                           Rebecca THOMAS     b.  12 Jan 1828, Mason Co, KY    d.  c1900
                                           m.  Nicholas APPLEGATE     b.  1812, Maysville, Mason Co, KY    d.  Parke Co, IN
                                           Children:  Jennie APPLEGATE     b.  c1851, IN
                                                          George APPLEGATE    b.  Sep 1851, Parke Co, IN    d.  <1930, Parke Co, IN
                                                          m.  Millie ?    b.  Jan 1864, NC    c.  c1907, IN
                                                          Children:  Orco APPLEGATE    b.  Nov 1888, IN
                                                                          Sarah J. APPLEGATE     b.  Oct 1890, IN
                                                                          William F. APPLEGATE     b.  Jul 1893, IN
                                                                          Presley P. APPLEGATE     b.  Jun 1895, IN
                                                                          Elmer APPLEGATE     b.  Apr 1897, IN
                                                                          Minnie APPLEGATE     b.  Oct 1899, IN
                                                                          Mary APPLEGATE     b.  1903, IN
                                                                          Edgar APPLEGATE     b.  1906, IN
                                           Jane THOMAS    b.  1832, Mason Co, KY
                                           Priscilla THOMAS    b.  1833, Mason Co, KY    d.  >1892, Parke Co, IN
                                           m. 22  Jul 1852, Rockville, Parke Co, IN     James GODDEN    b.  c1830, IN   d.  20 Sep 1881, Rockville, Parke Co, IN
                                           Children:  Henry GODDEN    b.  1856, Parke Co, IN   d.  1933, Newport, Vermillion Co, IN
                                                           m.  11 Jul 1882, Rockville, Parke Co, IN     Martha Ann DICE    b.  8 Dec 1843, IN    d.  9 Mar 1922, IN
                                                           Children:  Pearl Elizabeth GODDEN    b.  28 May 1893, Rosedale, Parke Co, IN   d.  22 May 1956, Chicago, Cook Co, IL
                                                           Elizabeth A. GODDEN    b.  1859, IN
                                                           Jackson GODDEN     b.  c1868, IN
                                                           Jesse GARDEN (?)    b.  c1870, IN (listed as "Garden" in the census)
                                                           Ida GODDEN    b.  9 Oct 1875, Rockville, Parke Co, IN
                                           John THOMAS    b.  1838, Mason Co, KY    d.  IN 


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